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Kay's Infused Cigars, LLC offers a connection and insight into the worlds of cigars, liquors and unique services.  Kay's was launched in July 2020, with a goal to introduce you to new pairing experiences.  We strive for quality and uniqueness starting with our customized customer service to the burn of the cigar. 

Our motto is "Your smoke experience is more than a hit, it's a homerun." 

Cigar Pairing in One

Image by Yohan Cho

WHAT OUR Customers say

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Kay's Infused Cigars, what can I say.  First off, presentation is everything to me, by far my expectations were met.  The quality of the cigars selected meets my expectations.  Now, when it comes to the infusion combined with taste/flavor, Whoa!! is all I can say.  I'm a supporter and fan of Kay's Infused Cigars and I encourage you to be too.  I keep Kay's Infused Cigars in rotation in my humidor.  Looking forward to her own cigar blend.


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I enjoy Kay's Infused Cigars...

They are an excellent experience for celebrations, a thinking of you, and even nice gifts for Aficionados!

Kay has really done Her research to provide a quality change of pace

from those everyday smokes!

Her Bourbon, Scotch, and Cognac infused cigars blend quality with quality. These cigars are a Hit and I look forward to each New Batch She drops! Thanks Kay for making Your Vision a Reality!!!


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Kay's Infused Cigars are cigars that put you in a relaxed mood. It's an upscale cigar that you would like to smoke on special occasions or on a beautiful weekend. The flavor and quality of the cigar is like no other.  It's infused so nicely and the aroma makes you want to smoke more. It's an amazing cigar and worth your time. 


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